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March 8, 2018
Weird stuff happens when you turn 40.
September 5, 2018

1980s: the Good, the Bad and the Better-left-there

Joe du Preez

Back in the middle 80s 45-year-olds were really old, or at least in my pre-teen mind. Frankly, 30-year-olds were ancient back then and addressed as “oom” and “tannie”. Salusa 45’s multivitamin formulation became famous for the “if you’re old enough to want to feel younger” line. It was also the source of many a joke and jest for the kids and young adults of the time. Even my athletics coach threatened me with a box of Salusa 45 if, during a particularly tough training session, I complained “like a outannie.”

Turns out, in 2018 being 45 is just being 45. Huffington Post blogger M. Blazoned calls 45 “the middle child of ages… no one is impressed or thinks your turning 45 is a big deal but you.”

Thing is, Salusa 45 worked like a supercharged charm for any adult in need of a mental or physical boost. The good news in 2018 is that the legendary brand is back with a bang, promising more bounce for your body and more go for your grey matter. And because 45 is definitely not old, a trending hashtag #MyAgeIsMyChoice.

Salusa’s return from the dark neon ages of the 80s made me ponder about other trendy things from the period that is great to have back and some things the world is super grateful did not return.

Great stuff from the 80s we welcomed back

  • Music on vinyl. Vintage and cool as G&T with cucumber.
  • The Rubik’s Cube. Enough said. Probably the only non-digital puzzle that will survive.
  • Skinny jeans. And leggings. Of course.
  • The Smurfs. Blue, 3 apples high and still kicking Gargamel’s butt.
  • Ghostbusters. Who ya gonna call? This time it’s 4 very cool women with a little Asgardian eyecandy.
  • Mango Groove. Never really went away, but man, as awesome as ever.
  • Salusa 45. Because now we realise 45 is only halfway to the start of being “old”.

80s things that should rather have stayed put

  • Baywatch. I’m sorry, not even a Disney prince who visited a gym or The Rock could save that one.
  • Kreols. Seafood flavoured maize snacks. Why, oh why? And what’s with the white guy on the Caribbean packaging?
  • Fanny packs. Please don’t. Unfortunate name too.
  • Blue or purple eye shadow. Only for the brave, those who know how to do it right or Eastern European gymnasts.

80s things that thankfully did not return

  • Television aerobics. With permed hair, leotards and leg warmers.
  • Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher and PW. Eish.
  • Shoulder pads. In monochrome power suits. With permed hair. It nearly came back. Dodged a bullet there. Hopefully.
  • Mullets. Best served with moustaches. Really?

80s things we wish we could have back

  • Queen. With Freddy Mercury.
  • Dirty Dancing. With Patrick Swayze.
  • Heroes like Lucky Dube, Matthews Temane and Zola Budd.
  • Michael Jackson. The one from the 80s.
  • Power Ballads. Performed by loud, big hair bands in spandex.
  • Hula Hoops. The chips that you eat off your fingers.
The legend is back. Thank goodness. With an improved formulation and variants to suit the age you feel and your lifestyle. See the range here. Available at leading pharmacies. Click here to find a stockist in your area.

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